HBI Paintball

September 29th, 2016
HBI Paintball

HBI Paintball is the largest marketplace for all things paintball, where enthusiasts and professionals can talk, discuss, buy and sell items with each other. Aiming to be a tight knit community where everyone should feel welcome and accepted.

Tasked with designing the community pages and e-commerce functionality from the ground up, we conducted research, interviews, workshops with the client and the end user to lay the foundation of the mobile experience.

During with our first workshop days together with the client, we began mapping the business goals and identified the different target user groups and connecting values.

Sketching of user stories and scenarios were done by hand to better showcase how each user group interacts throughout the app and the conceptual sketches would later be revisioned into graphics and then refined into a state where the developers picks it up and starts the development.

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Initial concepts

HBI Paintall concepts

The refining process and building a brand Concepts were then refined and eventually we started visualize the app in Sketch. At this point we had the user scenarios nailed.

There existed ideas of a corporate identity and we went with a very clean looking logo and color scheme; one of many iterations by our very skilled illustrator Sian Evans.

The graphics would later be built along the logo design with the introduction of a few more colors.

During the design stage it's inevitable you have to go back and make adjustments to the concepts, be it due to new insight or simply some things doens't work in graphics. In the particular case below one large change is the removal of the statistics, because we had a difficult time tracking this.

HBI Paintall concepts to graphics

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